Our Values

They are more than just corporate buzzwords. Our seven core values are the heart of the JO culture. They guide us daily as we work to transform how businesses succeed.

Core Values

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Our Vision

To make a positive impact on the global business economy by making digital marketing for businesses easy.

Our Mission

To empower businesses to achieve digital marketing excellence that helps grow their business and achieve their vision.

Our Purpose

To provide a safe and secure platform that connects top performing digital specialists with the world to create meaningful connections that help both parties thrive.

‘Raise the Standard’

We set high standards and constantly challenge ourselves to exceed them.

‘Massive Impact’

To create a noticeable and positive impact on our customer's business.

‘Add a Little Extra’

We do a little more than we are paid for to make an investment in our customers future.

‘Whatever works’

We're open to ideas that work. Regardless of where or who they come from.


We're all human. If something goes wrong, we'll tell you how and do all we can to correct it.

‘Team First’

The key to our success is from the relationships we've built. We treat each other like family and this helps us serve our customers like no one else can.

‘We do what we say we will’

We provide realistic solutions with clear expectations. We're accountable for our actions, personal goals and development.

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Database Segmentation

Cleanse, re-connect and convince. Reconfiguring your database, unlocks the diamonds on your doorstep and generates quick revenue wins by re-engaging with your known market.

Marketing Automation

Add automation to insight, then watch what happens! Put the right message, to the right person at the right time in the right channel… and see your new leads and sales conversion head skyward.

CRM Implementation

Sick and tired of running of spreadsheets, contacting duplicates or having no records at all? Implement a CRM and watch your productivity increase dramatically.

Sales Funnel Integrations

Need help clearing channels, connecting the dots and converting? We’ll rewire your marketing system, streamline your moving parts and fine-tune your processes so your cash streams are firing on all six.