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Automated Content Marketing

Our blogs have shared the benefits of automated marketing and busted some myths about automated marketing too. In this blog, we’ll share some tips on how to ensure your automated content marketing does what it’s supposed to – inspire, engage and sell!

Keep an Eye on Competitor’s Content

Bookmark website and businesses like yours or set alerts for competitor’s content. It’s always good to see what content they’re producing and how yours compares. Sites like Buzzsumo help you identify what content is trending and what their share metrics look like. Use these as inspiration for your content pieces. This will also help you find writers for you if you don’t have an in-house copywriter.

Provide Value

Every single email you send should always add value to the customer’s life. Whether it’s an inspirational quote, a free guide, a link to a useful tool or a discount code to try your product – always ask yourself – “If I read this, would I feel it added value to my life?”

Think about the kind of content you like to consume on Facebook for instance. Use that to position your content to be educational and informative where it needs to be but also have some fun with it to keep people engaged.

Partner with Professionals

The jury is out, and many businesses have been found guilty of publishing skint articles for the sake of improving their SEO. Google is all over it and is now penalising websites who do publish undernourished articles.

To ensure you’re Seek out professionals who can add insights, stories, and information from their experience. It can add a layer of credibility to your piece and opens collaboration opportunities for the future.

The Right Team

As with anything, the right team for the job is essential for success. With consumers demanding high-quality content, businesses need to have a content marketing team to serve this demand. A content marketing team consists of anything between four to five people. Most commonly a:

  • Content writer: researches and writes the content.
  • Proof-reader: (sometimes doubles up as an editor): to review the copy and mark up any errors.
  • Project Manager: responsible for the overarching strategy to achieve business objectives through the content.
  • Content Designer: create and curate web content.
  • Social Promoter: ensure the content is distributed appropriately across social media channels.

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