Christian Lehmann

Founder and CEO

Christian Lehmann

Christian is an entrepreneur, marketing and business development specialist and member of the Entrepreneurs Organisation (South Australian Chapter). He's excelled in entrepreneurship, management, coaching and business development positions around the world. Working with corporations like Sensis, Reach and Yell Group, Christian has broke company sales records with his ability and passion for his work.

Christian co-founded Revivie Juice bars Ltd in 2004,which became one of Europe's largest juice and smoothie bar chains. Within five years the business was trading from 17 UK locations, had employed 140 staff and was franchised in Kuwait, Dubai, Romania and Spain.

Today Christian is an investor and marketing adviser for Silvertail Property Group - a national property investment business based in Australia.

Christian's is committed to executing Jobs Outsourced's vision, mission and core values in the marketplace. Helping more businesses succeed more often.

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